Jill Cristao

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Book Cover - Uncommon Dreams by Jill Crisato

Uncommon Dreams

Becoming a successful interior designer in a big city is no small feat, as small town girl Greta Little knows too well. But when her mom dies, and she gets confusing signals from a guy she’s falling hard for, pouring herself even further into her work is the only way she knows how to cope. Then she gets an invitation she can’t refuse from clients on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Warmly welcomed into their lives, she also meets their architect neighbor and the four fast become close friends. Too late she finds out her client’s marriage is far from happy and her priorities have left her unprepared to help the abused wife. Greta begins at last to examine what is important in life and in choosing whom to love. Hearts will be broken, lives changed, and answers to her own life come together in ways she never expected.

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