About Jill Cristao

I’m Jill Cristao and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Uncommon Dreams!

This book began in the 1990’s when I was a stay-at-home mom with four children. My mom had just died and my youngest had just entered first grade. I took what I hoped would be a year off to finally sit down and write a book, a fulfillment of my own dreams. Life interrupted my plans many times over with unexpected twists and turns of its own, and though I finished the book, I shelved it in order to more closely focus on the needs around me. Then came a painful divorce and the book was shelved longterm.

Oh, how the years since then have changed me! I’ve had a great career in interior decorating, and on staff at local churches overseeing small groups, mentoring leaders, helping people through crises, and as a director of communications and connections.  My most meaningful work however, is as a lay counselor helping countless women in abusive relationships. In all of these areas, my writing skills have been called upon many, many times and I’m so grateful that God keeps giving me opportunities to serve him with my gifts. I’ve married again and my children now have children.

What a unique experience it has been to take the book down from the shelf after all these years and add a depth and maturity to the book that I couldn’t have done back then. The characters are dear old friends to me, and it was fun to watch them grow from who they were to where they ended up today!

As you can see in Uncommon Dreams, helping women is important to me. I love seeing honesty and transparency in safe relationships. It is critical to building into each other. However, the most influential factor in any relationship comes from who we are within. As we trust that Jesus Christ died for our sins and begin to understand how much he loves us, we in turn are capable of loving more deeply and more compassionately than ever before. God expressly instructs us to love the most vulnerable among us, which includes women and children in abusive situations. Like Greta, you may think your talents are not adequate for the job. However, if God has put it on your heart to help the vulnerable among us, he will give you the means to do that. Your help, unique to you, is more important to others than you may realize.  As we help others in sincere love, though we may feel woefully inadequate, we also grow in our dependence on God as we realize how we, too, need to rely on His strength in the middle our weaknesses.

Please do contact me if you’d like to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus, or if you’re in an abusive relationship and need guidance. If you’re in a book club or would like to address issues raised in the book at your church and would like me to speak, please contact me. Also, check out the resources listed in the back of the book and on this site. If you don’t personally need help, please consider learning all you can about abuse so you’re ready and able to help the women around you. With one in four women experiencing abuse in an intimate relationship, it’s highly likely that someone you know needs to heal from the wounds that come from being abused. Coming alongside another woman in her time of need is one of the kindest and most meaningful things we can do for each other.



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